Top Five Celebrity Colognes

By Chris Cortez

There are two types of celebrity colognes: those that are made by celebrities and those that simply bear the face of a celebrity. Of all those great celebrity colognes, here are the top five.

Paris Hilton for Men is probably the most surprising favorite within the celebrity cologne category. Before you start laughing, consider the fact Paris Hilton has actually won a Fifi Award, which is one of the most prestigious fragrance honors. Of course we don’t know the extent to which Paris participated in the development of this cologne. But whether or not Paris had even sniffed this cologne before it hit the beauty counters, this cologne is an undeniable hit! Paris Hilton for Men is a cooling mix of melons, cucumber and musk. An added touch of aromatics makes this cologne airy, sweet and light.

Sean John I Am King is another popular celebrity cologne. I Am King is a dry cologne of citrus and woods. It opens with bitter notes of lemon, lime and tangerine, which then fade into a fresh woody-aquatic scent. A glimmer of berry sweetness adds to the stylish nature of this cologne. Within the entertainment world, Sean Combs is clearly the best at creating great colognes. Colognes created by other entertainers like Antonio Banderas and Usher have not reached the popularity of Sean Combs’ Sean John cologne range. With a recently garnered Fifi Award, I Am King currently sits as the best-selling cologne of 2009.

Justin Timberlake is the latest celebrity to be pulled into the cologne buzz. As the spokesman for the new Givenchy Play, Justin Timberlake is a bit of a cologne-conundrum. In the past, Justin Timberlake has stated that it would be absurd to create a cologne with his name on it. He said that this is a level of narcissism to which he would not stoop. Funny enough, Givenchy saw this remark as a challenge to create a cologne that a non-cologne wearer would love. The result: Givenchy Play is a clean grapefruit cologne that unfurls into a fusion of tobacco leaves and warm vetiver. This cologne is apparently so fresh and light that Justin is now a reformed cologne-hater. He says he not only wears Play time to time, but he also loves it!

Dolce Gabbana The One is one of the hottest colognes at the moment. Matthew McConaughey, another former perfume-hater, is the spokesman for The One. Previously Matthew said the he prefers his natural smell to soaps and deodorants. Strangely, this bronzed athletic celebrity now poses for one of the hottest fresh-smelling colognes. The One begins with a grapefruit spritz that descends into clean, spiced notes of cardamom, ginger, coriander, and basil. The One is a very masculine cologne that is both soft and stylish.

The most popular series of celebrity colognes is the range of Ralph Polo colognes by Ralph Lauren. The newest face of these classic colognes is Nacho Figueras. If you keep up with your international Polo events, you know that Nacho is one of the top polo players in the world, and with looks to boot. His dark and daring features appropriately match the character of the Polo colognes, which are all piney, woody and spiced. For the classic cologne smell, Polo comes out on top every time.

If you’re looking for a decent celebrity cologne, you’re in luck. Each of these top celebrity colognes are popular for their great smell, not just for the name and face behind it. Sample these top celebrity colognes to find the one that suits your style!

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