Timeless Fashion Trends Never Die

When times are hard, you would want to invest in clothing that will never go out of style. According to a Houston-based designer named Gayla Bentley, the first step that you should do is choose clothes that would always look good on you.

Neckline Focus
Flattering necklines (such as portrait or V- necklines) are great because they bring a lot of attention to your neck as well as your face.

Monochromatic Looks
Monochromatic looks are very flattering. Dark colors (such as black) are mostly slimming, although this may not necessarily be your color of choice.
So if you streamline your color from your neck all the way down, you will eliminate too many focal points such as overly descriptive handbags and stilettos, which Bentley sees as a big problem on women’s look today.

Simple and Elegant Lines
After spending some time in the retail industry (Saks Fifth Avenue) before becoming a fashion designer, Bentley developed a first-hand experience of how high-end women shop. She now advises her clients to have only simple yet elegant lines in their clothing.

Movement in Clothes
One of the essential components of timeless style includes creating movement in your clothes. Today, layered looks are not just used to cover up. Instead, putting on three-piece dressing (such as tank, skirt or pant, and jacket or shawl) could also serve as an opportunity for you to find your own unique look.

Illusion of Fit
If you are a plus-sized woman, you can look for clothes with an illusion of fit instead of wearing shapeless or baggy clothing where you can hide. This illusion can be found in versatile wraps, sashes, or obis.

Modern Comfort
Bentley does not only believe in looking good, but also in wearing clothes where you can be comfortable too. If necessary, clean out your closet and start to rebuild your wardrobe. Keep only the clothes that fit you, and pull out everything else that became a little tight.

Break the Rules
Still according to Bentley, fashion is all about style – not economic status, age, or size. If you have a basic black, you can just switch your accessories and shoes to change your look. For example, you can wear Chanel sneakers during the day and then put on pearls and slingbacks for evening wear.
But along the way, you can break a few rules such as pairing a silk skirt with a denim jacket, or wearing cashmere and white jackets all year-round.

Flattering Silhouettes
Other universally flattering pieces that you can own include a bootleg pant and a trumpet skirt. Bentley says that once you get your bottom part right, everything will fall into place. A garment which consists of a princess seam is also her favourite flattering silhouette because it creates a bust and a waistline.

No-Fail Chic Accents
Timeless wardrobe styles may just be pure basics, but it’s the extra accent that can polish your look. Bentley’s favorites include red lipsticks, sunglasses, and pearls.

Trendy Accessories
Just because you are building a timeless wardrobe, it does not mean that you will not follow the trends. The solution here is to put on some trendy accessories, Gayla Bentley concludes.

— Benedict Smythe

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