The Wide Array Of Options In Aerobics And Pilates

One of the reasons people give for not wanting to exercise is that doing the same workout over and over again is boring. Even with using high-tech exercise machines, you are doing the same thing over and over again. This is why a lot of people do aerobics or Pilates for fitness. There is a wide variety of routines to keep the doldrums away with proper aerobics fitness and Pilates workouts.

Having Fun Socially While Working Out

While everyone has different personal preferences, working out in a group is what many people prefer. The reasons are clear: when you are taking classes in aerobics or Pilates at your local gym or YMCA , you will get the chance to make friends. Not only that, it tends to really add an extra dimension of fun to the workout and make it seem much less like a chore when you are in a group. It can also help with motivation: when others expect you to show up, it is much easier to do so.

Is There A Difference?

Twenty years ago, there was a big difference between aerobics fitness and Pilates fitness. Aerobics in the 1980’s meant a variety of progressively strenuous exercises to upbeat dance music. Getting through a one hour class could become an exercise in physical torture. After a few years, it was determined that these aerobic workouts were did more harm than they did good.

Aerobics has now combined with Pilates in the 2000’s to make aerobic fitness Pilates workouts. Pilates is a synthesis of yoga, Greco-Roman wrestling, rhythmic gymnastics and sometimes swimming. You may be able to find these aerobic fitness Pilates classes taking place in swimming pools with floating Noodles and beach balls for props.

Major Benefits An Aerobic Pilates Workout Gives You

Doing a regular Pilates style workout can give you many health benefits: such workouts can help make your immune system stronger, help stop diabetes and heart disease from developing, and even help stop depression. Even people who have been given a diagnosis of clinical depression have been greatly helped with the addition of a regular exercise routine.

The gentle nature of Pilates or water aerobics makes it great for people of all ages, including seniors. Being mobile helps loosen up stiff joints, helps keep your bones strong and keeps your mind sharp. Seniors are especially prone to tingling or numbness in the extremities, and regular exercise like Pilates can help keep the circulation going to all parts of the body. You can also do gardening, skip rope, climb walls, ride horses, surf or take up martial arts if you ever get tired of your usual fitness routine.

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