The Modern-Day Love Story – "Twilight" the Movie

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) are similar to any teenager falling in love, with one major difference. Edward is a vampire. Although Edward is in love with Bella and eager to protect her, he must fight off the temptation to kill her. Luckily, Edward and his family, the Cullens, survive solely on the blood of animals, allowing them to co-exist with the humans.

The Cullens are successful in their efforts, while the “teenagers” attend high school with the other teens of Forks, Washington, Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) has such immense control over his cravings, he’s able to work as a doctor at the hospital. The only people who know the truth about the Cullens are the Quileute Indians on the local reservation, including Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), a childhood friend and secret admirer of Bella’s.

Edward must protect Bella from his hunger, as well as the hunger of others. Therefore, when James (Cam Giganet), a nomadic vampire, decides to hunt and feed on Bella, Edward does everything in his power to protect her and her family.

Although Bella’s life was in danger, she continued to love Edward and had a desire to be with him always. Will she sacrifice her life to be with him completely? Will Edward harm Bella or will he be able to control his nature?

The Los Angeles Times describes Twilight as “a full-blown pop culture phenomenon”. It has everything you could ask for, romance, suspense, drama, science fiction, fantasy, and stunningly hot vampires.

If you love the novel Twilight, the 2 disc special edition DVD has everything you could ever want to know about the making of the novel to a movie. Disc one includes extended scenes and commentary by director Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson. Disc 2 includes a documentary of how the story of Twilight was originated from a dream of Stephenie Meyer’s.

— Patrick Daniels

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