The Men's Guide to Sweaters

The Men’s Guide to Sweaters

By Hendrik Pohl

Once your calendar says September and the leaves have changed color for fall, it’s time for you to change gear fashion-wise and bring out your cold-weather gear. But dressing up for the chill doesn’t have to mean looking like an Eskimo in hooded furs. A sweater, when properly worn, is a stylish way to keep warm for any season. It’s all a matter of pairing the sweater with the right items and building the cozy-in-the-cold look correctly.

Try Out Textures
A common problem among a lot of men is that they stick with plain, humdrum sweaters in pepper gray or black or navy. While safe, this choice of sweater is hardly fashionable for any man. Although getting a sweater in firetruck red or emerald green will give your outfit some edge, experimenting with texture is an easier and much more versatile way to add spice to your sweater-centered look.

In the last few seasons, there’s been quite a surge of beautifully textured sweaters. Make the most of the trend by snapping up a few of those cable knits or chunky Fair Isle pieces that make a statement without even trying. Not only are they stylish (and relatively safe to boot), but they also help elevate the status of even the humblest combination of plain white tee and denims that you wear everyday.

Think of textured sweaters as you would brightly colored neckties. They’re there to break the monotony and make your outfit more interesting. If there are too many other major visual elements in your outfit to begin with, a textured sweater will most likely clash. It’ll work best when worn with a classic and fairly plain outfit that could use some paunch.

Stay Stylish with a Scarf
Your place is most likely colder than others, and there will come a time when a sweater won’t suffice to keep you warm in the weather. If you’re looking for extra insulation, a scarf is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to get it.

With prices ranging anywhere from $20 to $200, there’s a scarf available for virtually any price point you’re willing to consider. You can scrimp on a bargain bin scarf since few people can tell the difference, or you could invest in a known men’s fashion brand for the quality, as you would for ties. And, like neckties as well, you can drastically change the ‘look’ of a scarf simply by using a different method of knotting it about your neck.

A scarf can make a huge difference, especially if you’re wearing a sweater in a neutral color like beige or navy. It’s a safe area to play around with color, so something in bright green or bold blue is an option. Patterned scarves like the signature ones from Burberry also work great on scarves to add a little excitement to your outfit.

Synthesize Different Pieces
Just because your sweater covers a significant part of your top doesn’t mean you should disregard what you wear entirely. Your outfit can have a lot of added impact if you’re able to show even a little bit of what lies beneath and then have that work with your sweater.

In the case of something like a v-neck sweater or sweater vest that leaves parts of your top visible, you’ll want to consider how the design and pattern of your top works with the color and texture of your sweater. Other touches like a bold coloured, eye-catching necktie or a collar left outside the sweater will also help tie your entire look together. The more you’re able to incorporate the different layers, the better the final effect will be.

Layering is a crucial skill once the colder months come around so that you can stay both comfortable and stylish. Before you begin thinking about things like coats and jackets, though, you’d do well to polish your look at the most fundamental of layers.

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