The Many Sides Of Pantyhose

Pantyhose has come a long way since its debut in the sixties. Taking over the role of the stockings, pantyhose is made from nylon materials and is used to cover women`s legs. Pantyhose may come in lots of colors and textures and hold various functions, giving women more choices to play around with.

Pantyhose was made for a few reasons. It hides imperfections in the legs such as scars, veins and saggy looking skin. It also serves its purpose by complimenting an outfit. Bare legs are often not appropriate looking with winter dark colors and it is also chilly to go out with bare skin on cold nights and days. It also can serve as a fashion statement for a top designer on a runway or magazine shoot. They might also be part of a uniform that is mandatory. Dress shoes can more than likely be sore on the feet, however when worn with pantyhose they help the feet ease into them more comfortably.

The look of pantyhose can be quite different from each other. They can come in all colors but are most commonly seen in light tan, black and brown. They can be sheer or patterned. A common pattern for pantyhose is stripes, checkers and spots. Most people just wear sheer pantyhose but a pattern makes a nice statement under a dress or skirt. Some other types of pantyhose include; opaque, seemed, fishnets and high fashion hosiery. Pantyhose can be dull looking, shinny, super glossy or sparkly. Sometimes if a women goes out to a bar or club she will put on a patterned pantyhose or one with sparkle or gloss to go well with an evening look.

Pantyhose can come with certain features specified to help in a particular area. You can find them in toe and heel reinforced for extra security in places that tend to get wear and tear; you can also buy them in tummy control to hide any chubby areas you don`t want exposed. Pantyhose can last a long time, depending on the quality, how often you wear them and how you use them. If cheaper pantyhose are worn it can often tear easily and not last more than one or two times. A simple act of pulling it up over a leg can cause a rip and so can just moving about. And when it gets a small rip it can quickly pull itself into a huge rip, making it troublesome for the person wearing it.

Wearing pantyhose will be something women do for a long time. They can feel comfortable and often give a feeling like there holding everything in place. They can also smooth out the belly which might look nice under a dress or skirt. Hiding legs that stand out or are not very flattering makes a women feel more attractive when she is wearing outfits that show the legs.

Pantyhose can also make someone feel more confident and attractive in the clothes they are wearing. With all of the colors and textures available it is usually a special part of the outfit to wear. Pantyhose can also be used as part of a lingerie set and purchased where lingerie is sold. It can come in a matching set with other lingerie pieces and look nice worn under an outfit or on its own.

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