The essential fashion item – The Pencil Skirt and accessories

Make your fashion statement with a pencil skirt. Straight and narrow, it hugs the curve of your body making it figure revealing with a twist of mystery. Your pencil skirt will end at the knee or just below the knee. In the 50’s, the pencil skirt was popular for office wear as well as casual wear.

They do make several skirts that fall below the knees and these can be harder to walk in. Mrs. Wiggins, a character portrayed by actress Carol Burnett made fun of too tight pencil skirts. Mrs. Wiggins worn the skirt in an unflattering fashion with her rear end sticking out and took tiny steps.

A pencil skirt can make wearing them a pain but if you look for one with a kick pleat or back slit, it will make walking much easier. One thing you don’t want is for your skirt to be too tight as it will make sitting and walking like Mrs. Wiggins.

Today, you can wear any pattern of pencil skirt’s to the office, at home, or on a date and have a look of everyday, professional or sexy. The back slit or kick pleat drives men mad and it allows a little more room to stride. Earlier versions of the skirt have been around since’15 but Christian Dior produced the classic pencil skirt in’50 and it became the much-needed fashion item for every woman.

The length of the skirt varies from year to year and of course, from designer to designer. Each year fashion designers announce it out only to add it to there fashion show as part of a suit or paired with jackets of any length. Any length above the knee is considered a mini skirt but it is essential a short pencil skirt.

Pencil skirts aren’t just for the skinny anymore. The cloths designers of today make some charming skirts for full figured women that showcase them in the most flattering way. A good fitting skirt will emphasize the feminine curves without pointing out what you think are flaws. Plus size pencil skirt are more becoming than a bulkier or looser fitting skirt.

Most women today are used to pencil skirts and know how to walk in them. They still remain a becoming fashion and a much needed item for the wardrobe. They come in such a wide variety of fabrics such as cotton, cotton jersey, rayon, wool for wintertime, linen and cashmere; you have many choices to choose the skirt of your dreams. They make a fabulous choice for winter wear as they hold the legs closer together and will make you warmer.

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