Sustainable Barefoot Footwear Alternative

kigo footwear is stylish, eco-friendly minimalist footwear for barefoot athletics and everyday wear. Since August 2009, viral uptake, industry reviews and a growing list of retailers have established the company as a one-finger, sustainable minimalist footwear alternative. kigo footwear is addressing this evolution most immediately by updating its Website to address the specific concerns of the marketplace.

Since its consumer launch in 2009, kigo footwear has provided conscientiously made, comfortable minimalist footwear that is stylish enough for everyday wear. During the initial months in the marketplace, kigo footwear talked to and questioned customers, retailers and professional athletes, noting how the shoes are used and the needs of wearers.

The updated Website addresses the main needs and desires of minimalist shoe wearers, including composition, fit, technical specifications and uses of the shoes. The site also provides information about company innovation and footprint. To provide real commentary about the shoes, the site is dispersed with actual photos and quotes from kigo wearers, including:

kigos are very comfortable and light…on durability, the kigo stitching and glue seems to be holding together much better than any Five Fingers I have owned. (Josue Corre, corriendo hasta el fin/Director of Fuego y Agua/Minimalist and Pose Coach)

I think a lot of people…will find this to be a great minimalist shoe. They are well constructed, reasonably priced, and made by a company that is concerned about it’s [sic] global impact. (Damien Tougas, Adventure in Progress)

I think it has tremendous potential to become the “one finger” alternative that many barefooters are looking for, at a price point that is extremely attractive. (Donald Buraglio, Running and Rambling/Wellsphere/RaceAthlete Gold/ Runners World Barefoot Forum)

The company has used such feedback to address the most important issues of design, composition and use, and the site highlights information including:

Weight 5oz per shoe, flexible outsole, breathable upper
Durability High-density outsole, abrasion resistant upper
Composition Almost 100% post-consumer, biodegradable and eco-friendly
Styling Two styles – the shel, a unisex slip on; and the star, a Mary Jane for women
Uses Includes barefoot and trail running, hiking, travel, commute, everyday
Retail $49.99 price point, ecommerce and information about retail locations
Feedback Reviews, articles, company news, video and full media page

“Our goal with this site is to show that kigo footwear is creative, focused and intentional, and that we listen,” said Jan Kuramoto, co-founder and CEO of kigo footwear. “We are excited that kigo is quickly becoming the minimalist footwear brand for everyone from serious barefoot athletes to the mom who wants a pair of ecologically responsible, comfy shoes for running around.”

Information about kigo footwear can be found at

kigo footwear is stylish, eco-friendly minimalist footwear for barefoot athletics and everyday wear. The kigo team strives to provide comfortable shoes that are stylish enough for everyday wear, sturdy enough for athletics and constructed to be as good for the Earth as for the body. Each kigo shoe is thoughtfully and responsibly constructed of lightweight eco-friendly materials, including removable EVA insoles, breathable, stain/water resistant uppers and flexible, high-density rubber outsoles.

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