Smirnoff Experience, 4 Major Cities, 4 Incredible Parties.


You don’t want to miss this! Slick Venues. Sophisticated Drinks. Unforgettable Nights. Witness big names & epic sounds as Smirnoff Experience unleashes the first of four series of the hottest parties in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary & Vancouver this week. Smirnoff Experience is nightlife as Canada has never witnessed before.  See It. Live It. Feel It. Just BE THERE.

TORONTO – Liberty Grand
ARMAND VAN HELDEN With Guests Fritz Helder & The Phantoms & Simon Jain
Thursday, September 17, 2009 – Doors Open 9PM / Show 10PM

Eclectic meets Electric as we welcome you back to our Future. This retro-futuristic party fuses the technology of tomorrow with the vision of yesterday creating a surreal time-warp into a world of fantastical possibility. Electro beats. Laser lights. Robot chic.  The Future never looked so bright.

P-THUGG DJ Set (of Chromeo) with guest Junior Sanchez & USS House Party. Be There.
Friday, September 18, 2009 – Doors Open 9PM / Show 10PM

It’s our house. And when you’re in our house you play by our rules. Even if we don’t have any. Hit the only address that matters and witness a house party done right. Smirnoff takes it up a notch and makes the walls sweat. Different rooms, different themes, one result –a jam-packed, speaker-stacked party with a twist behind every door. Welcome to our neighbourhood.

CALGARY –  Whiskey
USS with guest Five Alarm Funk
Carnivale is Coming. Be There.
Thursday September 17, 2009 ~ Doors Open 9PM / Show 10PM

Carnivale is quite possibly the greatest show on earth. Indulge your curiosity. Intrigue knows no bounds. Dazzling acts, dark arts and visions of the macabre come alive surrounded by the thumping bass of our hand-picked Maestros on deck. Expect the unexpected, and revel in the magic of the night.

VANCOUVER – Rocky Mountaineer Station
Z-TRIP with guest AutoErotique
Warehouse Invasion. Be There.
Thursday September 17, 2009 ~ Doors Open 9PM / Show 10PM

Experience the revival & rebirth of the pulsing underground scene of the Nineties. Packing broken industrial spaces all over our cities, this culture was raw, it was real, and it was all about the music… And The Warehouse brings it all back. Join the Movement – your chance to revel in anthems and environments that will blow your mind.

Get your tickets NOW!  The tickets are only $15 to see top international musicians and other unforgettable performances. And get 2 free drinks! Don’t Miss out. Buy your tickets now.

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