Silk Scarves – Winter Fashion Ingredient

“The queen of textiles” is silk and the evidence is undeniable. Not just a fashion flash-in-the-pan, silk scarves have survived the tests of time, and will continue to be a wardrobe staple far into the future. These scarves never go out of style, as evinced by the number of people wearing them, including royalty, movie stars, and ordinary people.

Not many women believe that scarves work with their outfits in the winter. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Silk is definitely the material for fashion scarves but it is also one of the best kept secrets for cool weather clothing. When the frigid winter weather has arrived, silk can be both the answer to staying warm and looking good.

Silk consists of extremely soft and fine fibers, which gently hug and caress the body. Being a fluid material, scarves made of silk follow the contour of every surface they touch. Worn separately, or with a heavy winter coat, they fit in the most charming manner.

The material has longevity and that is likely why silk scarves work so well throughout the colder months. Though silk is considered to be one of the strongest materials, it does weaken when it gets wet. The outside layer of silk is also a shielding layer, which makes it easy to keep it clean. These fashion scarves tend to last through not only the current winter season but for years when properly cared for.

In the winter, one of the most important things is to stay warm, and silk scarves definitely help you achieve that goal. Silk is a superfine, excellent insulator. Silk absorbs moisture well. It siphons moisture away from your body during the warmer months to keep you cool. In the winter, it has the opposite effect. Silk is a good insulating fabric for it absorbs body heat.

Because silk is an all natural material, spun by silkworms, it is completely made up of protein fibers. This means that silk scarves are naturally hypoallergenic and won’t leave an itchy feeling on your neck as other materials might. So, you will look great, but not only that… you will feel great too. You will be the envy of everyone this winter with that natural sheen look that silk has. Because of the secret fashion weapon – silk scarves, you have no more concern on your dry skin in the cold, dry winter. You have extra layer protection for your skin from silk scarves. What you have is to enjoy everyday fashion life as year around.

The fashion scarves you want are truly unique. Any type of silk scarf is a great accessory for any season of the year. A silk scarf is something you will want to have this winter. Silk scarves appeal to functionality and fashion throughout the wintry season. A scarf is very versatile. It can keep you warm outside and also complement you outfit after you come indoors. In addition to adorning your neck with these scarves, they can also be used to drape your shoulders or around your waist for an attractive and unique belt.

— Jeff T.

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