Roberto Cavalli Menswear Spring/Summer 2012

“… The freedom to be, to do, to want, to dream and to create, captured in a moment that I love to call ‘Riviera’: sea, cheerfulness, happiness, colour … a relaxed and groovy state of mind … A perfect place to encounter different cultures and to compare different thoughts, different styles: this is the inspiration of my collection … ”

Roberto Cavalli


Roberto Cavalli evolves the elegance and tailoring of the last collection, freeing the man from the rigour of Winter and dressing him with the freshness and positivity of Summer.
Italian tailoring is enriched with colour, embroidered thread and embellishments.

The jacket is rigorously cut with a close-fitting back, a narrow front with generously proportioned, embroidered lapels..
The shirt is also tailored, made in cotton and enriched with details that give it a less formal, intriguing edge.
The pants harmoniously follow the line of the leg.
The casual tuxedo suits are illuminated with sashes of embroidered silk.
The silhouette enhances the long line of the body.

Authentic masculine tailoring fabrics, such as mohair, grain de poudre and linen/silk, are interpreted through the use of colour and specialised weaving techniques.
The colour palette includes a gradient scale of blue that declines into a purple, and a strong presence of white, with sprinklings of colour that evoke the earth and the sun.
Prints are present as all-over micro-designs, vertical graphics and photographic reinterpretations of specialised leather processing from the archives of Cavalli.

Leather is the protagonist for much of the collection: American inspiration for blazers and jackets made in suede and python with precious tassles, paired with denim and linen in bright, bold colours.

The loafers are made from an intricate woven leather with python detailing, characterised by handmade finishing and assembly; an expression of pure Florentine artisanship.

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