Plastic Moving Boxes Save Cardboard, Frogs


Not into dumpster diving for boxes before you move?  Vancouver-based FrogBox will drop off plastic, ergonomic boxes at your old house and pick them up after you’ve unpacked at your new place.  A week’s rental for a one bedroom condo is about $110.


FrogBox, which also just opened in Seattle, estimates that Greater Vancouver uses about 450,000 cardboard boxes every month for moving, and Seattle uses about 1 million.  Cardboard can be used twice, but FrogBoxes can be reused about 400 times before they’re recycled. “The amount of resources used by people using FrogBoxes for moving is drastically reduced,” says company Founder Doug Burgoyne. “Picture how many trees this is saving. Literally.”Doug says it’s not just the hardcore greenies that use the service. “Moving is rated as one of the most stressful things in life, and we’re eliminating one more part of the process by dropping off easy to use boxes, wardrobes and recycled packing paper.”


Along with driving biodiesel trucks and having a solar-powered website, FrogBox gives 1% of their sales to frog habitat restoration.  They recently gave to Mountain View Conservation in Langley, BC, which has created a breeding program for Canada’s most endangered species, the Oregon spotted frog.  “Frogs are vital contributors to the ecosystem, and eat a LOT of bugs that eat humans!” Doug says.  “According to renowned biologists worldwide, one third of the world’s frog species are on the verge of extinction.  We want to be a part of helping reverse this global travesty.”

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