Not Attracting Prosperity? Ask Yourself "Why"

Why is it that some people seem to be masters at attracting prosperity, while others consistently struggle just to make ends meet? Is it simply a matter of luck or chance? Not at all; attracting prosperity is a skill we develop, and everyone has the capacity to create wealth and prosperity in their life — no exceptions.

If you’re not currently enjoying the kind of success and prosperity you would like to experience, it can be useful to honestly examine your current situation, and ask yourself some hard questions. A good one to start with is “why?”

When people aren’t doing well financially, they will usually tell you it is because of something outside of them. When you ask them “why” they aren’t succeeding, they will often give answers like, “I can never seem to catch a break,” or “I wasn’t born into a wealthy family,” or “I never went to college and got a degree,” or a million other excuses.

The interesting thing is this: none of these reasons are relevant–But the fact that they blame situations and people outside themselves for their problems is VERY relevant.

When we fail to attract and wealth into our lives, it is NEVER because of fate, circumstances, bad luck, someone else or some “thing” else. It is always because of our mindset. I’m going to say that one more time — it’s incredibly important.

If you’re not attracting prosperity into your life, it is entirely because of your state of mind.

This concept that I have just described to you is called “implied responsibility.” When I first read about it, I don’t mind telling you that I did not appreciate it at all. In fact, it made me quite angry. You see, I had developed a strong habit of always blaming other people, or my family, or the city I lived in, or my job, or something else for my lack of success in life. In other words, I saw myself as a victim of circumstances outside of my control.

Eventually though, I learned to embrace the concept of “implied responsibility,” and to begin seeing myself as the creator of my destiny — not a victim. And make no mistake; we are all creating our life every single day. If we create prosperity and wealth, that is what we will experience. But if we create misery and lack, we will experience those things too.

Human beings are naturally creative. I don’t mean by this that we all have the talent to paint masterpieces or play beautiful music, but that we all create our own experience of “reality.” If our dominant thoughts and beliefs are of attracting prosperity, wealth and success, we will experience these things in our life.

Understanding the power of thought and belief is incredibly important. Once someone comes to a realization that their thoughts and beliefs are shaping the results they get in life, they tend to be very careful about what kind of thoughts they entertain, and what kind of beliefs they choose to accept.

The starting point for creating a more wealthy prosperous futureis to begin shifting your attitude from lack–to prosperity. Focusing on wealth and success will lead you naturally in that direction, so it is critical that you establish new habits of looking for the wealth and abundance that is already all around you, and then be grateful for it.

Now, I fully understand that if you have spent the last 10 years focusing on lack and limitation, you will have built up some pretty strong habits related to these concepts, and you may not be able to completely change your attitude overnight. But that’s okay; you can begin today to make a slight shift in your thoughts and beliefs, and even that small change will start you on the road to attracting prosperity.

— Jon Mercer

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