Jennifer Lopez, determination, energy, beauty and an incredible talent!

Although the economic crisis that everyone is going through has tamed our creativity, our dreams and the desire to improve, after a night like last night I realized that there is still an interest in fashion and a great desire to look beautiful and seductive. I perceived from the eyes of women that seem to tell me “Roberto, you know how to make me shine, and don’t stop!” This gave me a very strong emotional charge to continue my creative journey.

Jennifer and Marc have been guests on my boat on the French Riviera. We talk on the phone and exchanged a lot of text messages, but unfortunately I had not had the occasion to see them until yesterday, when we met to go together to the WMA. I finally had the chance to meet their two beautiful twins, Max and Emme, and I played with them, while
Jennifer was getting ready.

The red carpet was a very emotional moment in my life. I have done many fashion shows and have participated in several events, and sometimes I feel like I lost the excitement and enthusiasm, but walking the red
carpet with Jennifer Lopez last night was fantastic.

Jennifer is definitely sexy, sexy, sexy and 100% feminine!
As both a man and a designer I can say that I was particularly struck by her natural beauty and her incredible complexion. There were lots of photographers and everyone called out “Jennifer!, Jennifer!” trying
to catch her eye. I did so many interviews before I got to my table …it was a crazy experience!

Upon entering the great hall of the Sporting Club, I embraced my dear friend Andrea Bocelli and his wonderful wife Veronica, and then greeted many friends: the beautiful Kelly Rowland, Afef Tronchetti Provera, Clotilde Courau, Karolina Kurkova, and many others.

This huge and friendly crowd helped me get out of the isolation in which I have recently dipped and has completely renewed my spirit!

When I finally arrived at my table, Jennifer began her extraordinary performance, and it was a triumph!
All stood up to sing and dance, and we realized how lucky we were to be able to view a live performance of such an icon of pop music as Jennifer Lopez. She truly captures determination, energy, beauty and incredible talent.

I am very happy and proud to know her, I am proud to be her friend. It was a very special evening … once again, music and fashion together to create a fabulous experience!

From: Roberto Cavalli Blog

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