iTunes 9, Steve Jobs back on Stage, iPhone 3.1, New 64 GB iPod Touch and New IPod Nano with Camera and FM Radio

Lots of news from Apple “It’s only Rock and Roll” event WWDC today (9/9/09) in San Francisco.

Steve Jobs is back on stage, “I have the liver of someone who died in a car crash“, see the standing ovation here.


New iTunes 9, available today, completely redesigned.   Download iTunes 9 here

iTunes 9 comes with many new features and improvements, including:

• An improved look and feel, including a new Column Browser for easily browsing your artists or albums, movies, TV shows, and more.

• iTunes Store has a brand new look, with improved navigation for quick and easy exploration.

• iTunes LP and iTunes Extras create unique experiences that feature exclusive interviews, videos, photos, and more — available with select album and movie purchases on the iTunes Store.

• Home Sharing helps you manage your family’s iTunes collection between computers in your home. iTunes can automatically transfer new purchases, or you can choose just the items you want.

• Genius Mixes are created for you by iTunes and play songs from your library that go great together.

• iPod and iPhone syncing now allows you to organize your iPhone and iPod touch home screens directly in iTunes. Syncing is now also more flexible, allowing you to sync individual artists, genres, or TV show and Podcast episodes.

• iTunes U items are now organized into their own section in your iTunes library.

• Sync with iPod nano (5th generation), iPod classic (Fall 2009), and iPod touch (Fall 2009).

• iTunes 9 also includes many other improvements, such as HE-AAC encoding and playback, more flexibility with Smart Playlists rules, simpler organization of your media files inside an iTunes Media folder, and more.


New iPhone software rel. 3.1, available today.

New iPod touch, over 20 million units sold so far,  more games title for the iPod and more dedicated releases. Apple wants to beat Sony and Nintendo.  New price for the iPhone touch 8GB $199, 32GB $299, NEW 64GB $399.

The iPod classic gets a boost from 120GB to 160GB but stays the same size and keeps the same price $249.


The NEW iPod nano, more then 100 million unit sold,  now has a camera an integrated FM radio, a pedometer, a larger 2.2 inch display and a voice recording app. Colours to be red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, graphite, silver and pink. Available on sale today, priced at $149 for the 8GB model and $179 for the 16GB model. The new FM tuner lets you see the names of songs and artists. And two amazing features — iTunes Tagging and Live Pause — make listening to the radio nothing like listening to the radio.   FM radio. It gives you yet another way to rock. There’s always something great on the FM dial. And now the FM tuner lets you hear your favorite morning shows on your commute and discover new music while you work out. It even shows you what and who you’re listening to.1 With Live Pause, you’ll never miss a beat. Say you need to take a quick break from listening to your favorite radio station. iPod nano lets you pause it with a click. Another click and you’re listening to your station again. You can even rewind as far back as 15 minutes, then fast-forward to catch up to the live broadcast. Video recording. A whole new way to nano. A quick scroll through the menu takes you to the video camera. Then you’re ready to record video in portrait or landscape — perfect for emailing or posting on Facebook or MobileMe. A built-in mic lets you capture audio, too. And when you play back your video on iPod nano, you’ll hear the recorded audio with it. All of which means your indispensable music player is now your indispensable video camera.  Sync. Share. And put more you in YouTube. Connect iPod nano to your Mac, and iPhoto opens and syncs all the video you shot on iPod nano to your computer. It’s just as easy on a PC when you use your favorite photo software. On a Mac, you can browse and edit your videos in iPhoto, too. The video file sizes are perfect for sharing on YouTube or emailing to friends.

The iPods are Environmental Friendly…


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