In Quest For The Perfect Pair Of High Heels

I am often ashamed to admit that I often shun high heels. In fact, I find it so shameful that I feel a little less feminine every time I substitute comfortable flip flops or simple flats (which I tend to wear for every occasion).

Not only do I have a terrible time balancing, but I also have not managed to find a pair I have ever found remotely comfortable. Plus, there might be some psychological damage induced by the time when my mother forced me to wear the highest heels I had to my high school prom, and I was miserable for much of the night because of them!

I considered seeing a shoe therapist to help me get over my “issues.” His fee per hour was a little out of my price range, though, so I decided instead to just look up some tips on fool-proof ways to choose a pair of heels.

First of all, women like me–women that are petite and perhaps on the rotund side (or even not so much)–need to select a pair of killer heels because it helps to stretch out the figure to the eyes, making us appear taller and therefore leaner than we actually are. This in turn helps to boost confidence, which is always attractive.

I only point this out because I, like many women, shrug off the “necessity,” for owning high heels, seeing it as virtually pointless. But it really isn’t!

Instead of going straight for the stilettos, search among pairs of heels that are more substantial. After all, your weight was not meant to be distributed like this. Stiletto heels will cause unnecessary stress and strain on your feet, ankles, knees, and even your lower back which will come back to haunt you.

Have you ever literally fallen out of your shoes? Well, I have, and while it is hilarious to look back on, it was embarrassing and painful in the moment. Think about finding high heels that will stay secure on your feet–like pumps, sling-backs, and shoes with ankle straps.

When you’re out shopping, don’t be afraid to try on more than a dozen pair. When you find “the one,” (or ones, as the case may be) it should be instantly comfortable.

Don’t consider pairs that have tightness, rubbing, or pinching, or pairs that don’t have enough arch support–no matter how killer they look on you. There will be heels that look equally awesome but are much more comfortable if you keep searching.

Be open to alternative methods of shopping. For instance, you can go online and read extensive reviews on shoe-shopping websites. Plus, many companies are offering “shoe parties,” where you can actually bring the shoe store into your own home. Who knew!

Armed with these tips, I think I can venture to the mall and find myself a pair of heels. Goodbye skuzzy flip-flops!

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