How to use Daily Deal Aggregator Sites to Find Great Deals

DealsNo matter the city or country you live in, you can take advantage of Daily Deal sites, which are literally a dime a dozen. Apart from the well known ones like Groupon and Living Social, there are many smaller, localized sites that offer relevant content, which means you don’t have to travel far to avail of these bargains. Vancouver for example, has a host of daily deal sites, that accord deals for specific locations, products and services.

But with the many options available, and the limited time in which to select and buy them, how do you ensure you get the best ones for your money? And more importantly, how do you guarantee you don’t miss out on the great offers you really want?

An option lies in daily deal aggregator sites. These are sites, which take the browsing off your hands, by searching through daily deal sites and combining the deals into a single area. What this essentially means is that you save time by receiving deals into one place, as opposed to having going to a variety of individual sites.

They work similar to most daily deal sites – sign up is quick and in doing so, you subscribe to their website and receive their deals directly into your inbox. As you scroll down the pages, you’ll be able to view the deal details, along with the price, time left in which to buy the deal, and any conditions which may apply. Should you elect to buy the deal, you are then sent to the site hosting the deal, where you can quickly and easily complete your purchase.

Some aggregator sites offer easy subscription, which gives you access to all the daily deals from top daily deal sites, large and small. Sites like deal have unique features such as Search and Notify options, which help users find specific deals and get notified on new ones they may be interested in, but might not have heard of.

In general, daily deal aggregator sites are in an excellent position. With the economy in its current state, more and more people are turning to daily deal sites to get great deals at affordable prices. Aggregator sites make this happen seamlessly.

Here are some clever ways to find deals you would otherwise miss out on:

Forgo the subscription offer and sign up to the registration option:
The registration option is a feature which allows you to customized your daily deals page. You can set your preferences to select what you want to receive, and filter the deals you are not interested in.

Screen your deals based on your predetermined criteria:
Don’t let your judgement or inbox be clouded by extra, unnecessary deals. Check to see if your daily deal aggregator has advance filtering options and apply them to customized your daily deals emails. This way you can spend money on items and services you really want.

Manage your deals efficiently:
Most sites will allow you to store the deals you bought or wish to buy on a ‘wish list’, which also enables you to keep track of the deals you’ve purchased. So you don’t have to hunt through your inbox to find and print out coupons, or to calculate how much you’ve spent. By using these preferences, you save both time and money and can weed out deals that are to your liking.

Plan in advance:
The benefits to deal aggregator sites are many, and one of them is that they allow you to select deals by location. Not only are you able to find deals in your area, but you can also search and find deals when you travel. Going on a holiday and want to learn to windsurf? Buy gifts? Treat your partner to a day at the spa? Finding local deals in the city you’re traveling to is easier than ever, and by doing so in advance, you can add a good many extras to your trip.

As more and more daily deal sites get launched, deal aggregators sites are the only way to go, allowing you to filter, find and use deals you can really enjoy, every day!

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