How to Tie a Scarf, The 3 Basic Folds!

How to ties scarves and shawls. The beauty and elegance of your scarves and shawls can be enhanced 10 fold by knowing how them. For instance… a career woman’s powerful presence can be heightened dramatically by the effective use of scarves and shawls properly worn.

In as much the scarf and shawl are fashionable accessories, they have clearly become the most versatile fashion items for the career woman of today.

These fashion accessories come in different shapes and sizes in varying fabric material with either intricate design patterns or even plain yet elegant colors. They offer versatility for the modern career woman who may need to immediately morph into seamless sophistication at a snap of a finger.

The trick now is in how to tie a scarf so that it naturally enhances or complements the personality of the wearer. There are essentially many ways of tying a scarf, almost all of which can be done rather fancily by looping one end over the next.

Here are just some of the fundamental scarf folds which is vital in initiating activities on how to tie a scarf. You have to remember that the idea in tying these fashionable accessories is only limited by your imagination and your sense of the fashionably appropriate.

Basic Fold 1:
To start the basic fold, you will need a square shaped scarf and roll the scarf from one side to about the middle of the scarf. Bring the side of the scarf that you are rolling towards the other and completely roll the scarf towards the end. The final product should look like the rolled scarf, a hotdog or logroll if you will.

Basic Fold 2:
In the second type of basic fold, you will need a square shaped scarf and fold the scarf in the middle to form a triangle. Hold the pointed end and roll it towards the center of the folded scarf then roll the other end towards the rolled portion. Completely roll the scarf to look like a hotdog whose ends are tapered.

Basic Fold 3:
The third basic fold which should help you on your quest on how to tie a scarf also requires a square shaped scarf. Fold one corner of the scarf towards the middle so that the scarf should look like a pentagon. Get the other opposite end of the scarf and fold it towards the middle, over the first fold to form an elongated hexagon.

Pull the oblong scarf through belt loops and secure the sides securely to produce a fold that closely resemble the second basic fold.

These essential basic folds are very important in the accomplishment of a variety of fashionable scarf tying styles. Knowledge of these basics will pave the way for the more creative tying of the scarf to bring out the natural elegance of the career woman.

The following are just some of the more common scarf tying styles which can greatly complement a variety of outfit: the buckaroo knot which is patterned after the cowboys and cowgirls, the ascot knot, the European loop, the fake knot, and the Hollywood knot which are relatively easy to perform.

Other types of scarf tying styles include the neck wrap, the square knot, the ascot wrap, the bandana wrap, the twice around ascot knot, the bow tie, the butterfly wrap, and the casual knot. Others include the casual sleek, crown wrap, French twist, gypsy, hand wrap, Hollywood knot scarf, Kelly wrap, knotted belt, and light queen.

Long scarf tie, pleated head, ponytail, rose knot, rosette turban, shoulder wrap, stock tie, stylish knot, tying head, undercoat, waistsash, and a variety of neck wrap styles complete the long list scarf tying styles.

How to tie a scarf is essentially a matter of a person’s fashion sense although knowing the essentials will be greatly helpful to this end.

— RC Rougeux

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