High Quality Belts for all Occasions

Nothing completes a great outfit better than an amazing, high quality belt. Fashion magazines display outfits that cost thousands of dollars. They often give hints and tips as to how we can duplicate the look for less. Our efforts to save money sometimes result in skipping an accessory here or there.

Don’t skip the belt. Like many other accessories they are a necessary item to finish an otherwise drab look. They can be incorporated into nearly any outfit to dress it up for a night out on the town; or down for casual wear.

A Variety of Belts for Various Occasions

Studded Belts: Leather and studs are not just for rock stars and wannabe divas. Some of them are glamorous and casual, while others are dangerous and sexy. Be sure to mix it up every now and then. One day you can be a professional, the next day you can be a catty vixen.

Waist Belts: A perfect match for any figure. They compliment the hourglass figure like no other accessory can. If you don’t have that hourglass figure, don’t stress. A waist adornment can magically turn your waist from straight to curvy in a snap; or a buckle.

Skinny Belts: Thin belts attract attention to the small waists that are often unnoticed. The eye goes straight to the fashionable piece and your thin waist is noticeably perfect. This is a great way to turn a straight, boyish figure into a delicately feminine one.

Jeans Belts: Created especially for jeans, certain accessories turn a casual and comfortable outfit into a fashion masterpiece. Pick bright colors to accentuate your mood or personal style. Embellishments are a great addition to jeans belts.

Braided Belts: The perfect adornment for your waist for any mood or occasion could quite possibly be the braided belt. From simple to elegant, braids help maximize your fashion statement. Choose a simple brown or black braid to go with your jeans for a casual Friday look. The variety of braided colors and options can take your wardrobe from casual to elegant to fun with the change of a belt.

Hip Belts: An awesome addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Hip belts can be dressed down for a casual look or dressed up for a classy, elegant look. Every woman, regardless of body shape, should have at least one stylish hip adornment to bring out the best qualities in her figure.

Create the Body Style You Want with a High Quality Belt

Larger, voluptuous women can create the look of a smaller waistline with a well placed hipster. Women that would like to downplay their hourglass can do so by placing the belt lower on the hip, making their bodies look longer and sleeker. Women with a straight body style who want to create the look of an hourglass should place a hip accessory at the upper edges of the hips. Subtle placement of a great belt creates the illusion of an hourglass figure.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, the belt has become more than just a necessary item to hold your pants up. It is a form of expression, a way to show off your versatile personality. A great belt is also something that can put you on the fast track to the admiration of your friends and colleagues.

Once you have experienced the pure luxury of a high quality belt at a modest price, you will never again look at fashion magazines with longing. Instead, you will say, “Wow, that is almost as nice as mine.” Always make sure you purchase your accessories from a reputable company for the best quality and price.

— Lauren Federman

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