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cityfliz01CityFlitz, is launching a new auto-sharing service in the Vancouver area today with their fleet of fuel efficient smart fortwo, MINI Coopers and MINI Clubmans. The cars also serve as effective mobile billboards for advertisers, wrapped with attention-grabbing graphics and brand logos. CityFlitz is the first company in Canada to supply a fleet of cars wrapped with advertising.
For just $1 a day, members of CityFlitz will have access to its fleet of cars around Vancouver. Unlike other auto-sharing services, CityFlitz is able to offer Lower Mainland residents the lowest rates

possible due to the company’s partnerships with various advertisers including their launch partnership with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

Over the last few years, traditional television and print media have lost market share to radio, Internet and out-of-home advertising. CityFlitz is
changing the dynamics of out-of-home advertising and the auto-sharing industry in Canada by offering their fleet of vehicles wrapped in dynamic
graphics, providing advertisers with a new way to raise awareness and broaden their reach of target markets.

Car sharing helps reduce the total number of cars on the road – each car share vehicle replaces up to eight privately owned vehicles. This
reduction in the number of cars eases congestion, reduces pollution, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, lowers demand for parking lots and
increases potential for green space.

All CityFlitz cars have impressive fuel economy, helping consumers further conserve funds in these times of high gas prices. Car sharing
is an attractive, more environmentally friendly choice for consumers over owning a car, which costs at least $10,000 a year according to
the Canadian Automobile Association.

Environmental  Although Vancouver is seen by many to be a comparatively “green” city, Vancouverites still generally have
substantial ecological footprints – if everyone lived like the people of Vancouver, four Earths would be needed to sustain us. With this and
other issues in mind, the city of Vancouver is actively encouraging car sharing and other environmentally-friendly initiatives.

Technology  CityFlitz vehicles are accessorized at no extra cost with the latest technological gadgets that make driving more enjoyable. In
fact, CityFlitz is the first public car rental fleet equipped with GPS satellite tracking and Wi-Fi High Speed Internet.

Anyone interested in signing up as a CityFlitz member or businesses looking for advertising information can visit

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