Gucci Collaborates with Mark Ronson for Icon-Temporary Project

If you are concerned about the fashion news, you must know that recently Gucci has launched the Gucci Icon-Temporary Project. Gucci is planning to open its flash sneaker stores in six or seven locations around the world, such as Art Basil Miami Beach, staying open for two or three weeks in each spot. The first stop on the tour will be Crosby Street in SoHo on Oct. 23. Other stops will include London, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Gucci Icon-Temporary sneakers contain 18 exclusive styles, 16 for men and 2 for women. They feature classic Gucci design elements, such as the GG log and a stylized version of the Gucci red-green web details. Each shoe has an embroidered “Limited Edition” label inside and a silver or gold metal dog tag hanging from the laces. Leather tags on shoe laces can be customized and embossed with a shopper’s initials. Besides, Gucci invited Mark Ronson, one of the world finest DJs, music producers and sneaker enthusiasts, to design the Gucci Ronson sneakers. At every leg of the itinerant project, a new Gucci Ronson version will be introduced. He said,“I spent many, many years as an avid sneaker collector, so I wanted to make sure these Gucci shoes were truly special from an aesthetic and collectable point of view,” And a 12-inch vinyl record of limited edition tracks will be given to customers who buy Gucci Ronson sneakers as a gift.

The motivation for Gucci to launch such project may be the recession of luxury detailers. Gucci is looking for high-impact, lower-cost methods of generating interest in the brand, especially among style leaders who may not be moved by conventional forms of advertising. Another reason may be the success of Kanye West and Louis Vuitton Sneaker this year.

— Tommy Martin

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