Google Olympic information

Over at Google, an international landing page has been created to help users Explore the Games with Google

A link to theYouTube CTVOlympics channel, promises live video footage from Canada’s Olympic Network.

Do you need transit information during the Olympics, or want to know a good spot to meet up for a drink to toast the Games?  Google has made some special enhancements to their search engine for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler.

The site has everything from Olympic maps, transit routes and event schedules, to an actual view of the downhill ski slopes at Whistler using the Google Street View technology.

Stephen Chau says it’s one-stop shopping tourists, and locals alike.  “We’re really updating a lot of the transit offerings that we have on Google maps.  So we’ll actually have the particular game time schedules and routes for the games, available on maps.  And we’re launching transit info for the very first time in Whistler as well.”

Another features is “snow view”, which shows a skiers-eye perspective of the slopes at Whistler Blackcomb.  They used a snowmobile with special cameras…similar to how the Google Street View map shows the city.

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