Four Easy Step For You To Select Shoes In Fall

Four Easy step for you to Select Shoes In Fall
By Li Baocai

Maybe, you have beautiful clothing, but you need a pair of shoes to go with it, If there is no suitable pair of shoes to go with it, the whole image will be enough. To buy shoes, in addition to considering the quality of shoes, but also a reasonable match So, how do you select shoes to wear with an outfit?

1. Consider the different types of shoes:

* Stilettos- The ultimate sexy shoes that never go out of style. Stilettos go great with sleek clothes, pencil skirts or slim trousers. For a polished look, wear sleek strappy stilettos with a classic tailored pantsuit.

* Wedges- There’s a wedge for every female this season. Wedges go perfect with jeans, slinky skirts and full sweep sundresses, and they are also more comfortable than stilettos. This summer’s stylish slimming bootcut jeans are a sure favorite with wedges, or step out in style with this summer’s newest trendy gauchos. Wedges can be relaxed and casual when made of fabric, suede, or other coarsely textured materials, but can also dress up when crafted of high finish leathers or metallic leathers. Wedge pumps, wedge sandals, wedge boots; take your pick of different shoes with wedge heels, some with platforms as well.

* Platforms- For those who want to stand out, a chunky heel is ultra-leg flattering. These high performers made the biggest news on the runway this season. For those who are “full figured” or a bit on the heavy side, platforms provide balance for your form and help round out your look.

* Platforms go great with cuffed shorts, flare leg pants, and miniature bubble skirts. Try a slim-heel-platform with a suit or a soft silhouette evening dress for a touch of elegance.

* Kitten heels- These heels are timeless and go with just about everything. Kitten heels work with both office attire and evening attire. They are the practical alternative to high-heels. Perfect for dressing up with a slinky and elegant skirt or dressed down with casual capris. The perfect go-to-shoes for day or night.

* Sandals- “The It Shoe” of the season. Sandals are stylish and fun this season. They add a cool elegance to any casual look. They go perfect with skinny jeans, short skirts as well as this summer’s newest cuffed, cropped pants. Add a touch of romance with a triple-tired peasant dress or a flowing ankle length skirt.

* Mules- Step out in sophistication with mules and an elegant flowing skirt. These simple and versatile shoes have endless possibilities. Paired with twill pants or elegant georgette pants, is this seasons new take on feminine style.

* Boots- Boots are very universal, they can go with jeans, skirts, dresses, and more.

* Sneakers- The ultimate comfort shoe. However, be careful when picking sneakers for an outfit, they should be reserved for jeans or sweatpants.

* Flats- Flats are very comfortable, and they never go out of style. Ballet flats can be worn with almost anything, from dresses to jeans to sweats, they always look good.

* Loafers- A nice business-y shoe. They look great with pantsuits, jeans, and sometimes skirts.

2. Consider the weather, and season.

* During the summer, choose a summery shoe. Espadrilles and sandals are excellent choices.

* In the winter when it’s snowing and raining, boots are always good choices. If it’s just cold, a simple pump, loafer, or flat works as well.

* Spring, ah spring. Spring is very universal time for shoes, summery sandals and espadrilles are worn, but if you go outside wearing boots, you probably

won’t look crazy either. This a time where almost all of your shoe wardrobe can be worn.

* Fall is also a fairly universal time as well. The only thing I would suggest staying away from are sandals and espadrilles, as fall is a time where things are cooling down a bit, and sandals and the like are a little summery. If you can make it work though, go crazy!

3. Take a look at your outfit:

* If you’re wearing brown tweed pants and a burgandy sweater, those bright yellow pumps might clash a bit. Maybe a simple loafer? Are you wearing a red bracelet? A pair of red shoes would look simply smashing. Pick bits of color, and try to bring them out with your shoes. However, don’t wear a purple top with purple pants and purple shoes. You’ll probably look crazy.

* How dressy is it? Is it just jeans and a t-shirt? Then just some sneakers are fine, but any shoe nwill do. Are you wearing a dress? Go with flats or heels. Are you wearing a floor length ball gown? Go with heels.

4. Go with whatever looks good to you if all else fails. These are more or less guidelines, so if you think sneakers with a dress is the next big thing, go for it!

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