Executive Interviewing: How to Persuade the Right Way

Nowadays, job hunting is no longer a headache for job-seekers. They know how to take maximum benefits of technology in job searching. Internet and mobiles have become new generation job search tools. There are several reputed job portals offering job listings from all sectors. Job seekers can register themselves on these portals and get benefits of all exciting features being offered by them.

Job Search – Before Inclusion of Technology
Job hunting was a tough task for unemployed people. Everyone has faced the problems in job hunting after passing out from college. The problems and difficulties faced during job search are well known.

People have to find relevant vacancies matching their educational qualification from job classifieds given in newspaper. For that they had to spend a lot of time in short listing of jobs. To apply for shortlisted jobs candidates need to visit offices of recruiters and submit their resume there. The whole process was very much tiring and time consuming.

Job Search in Modern Tech Driven World
Nowadays, job hunting process has become a lot easier than it was few years ago. Like earlier, job seekers don’t need to flip though pages of classified jobs in employment bulletins, and local & national newspapers. Nowadays, recruitment and hiring process has been simplified by inclusion of technology.

Companies prefer to post job vacancy in online job websites rather than putting classifieds in newspapers and employment bulletins. Job seekers can filter out only relevant jobs that suit their educational qualification and professional skills. If candidates are registered user of that job portal, they can apply directly through websites by just clicking apply now button. They don’t need to visit offices of employer physically until they get call for personal interview.

Applying for jobs is not a nightmare now. Most of the times recruiters find your resume on candidate’s listing of job portals, and if your key skills match their selection criteria, they directly give you call. So, if you are fortunate and you have prepared a really impressive profile on online job sites, you get a job without even applying. Job portals also inform you by SMS if any vacancy is posted matching your qualifications and professional experiences.

Therefore, it is easily understandable that with advancements in technology and rising use of Internet in job search and recruitment services has changed the whole process of applying and hiring for a job. It is equally beneficial for job seekers (potential employees) and job providers (potential employers).

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