Do You Really Want to Loose Weight?

lose-the-extra-poundsOn the other end of the spectrum, it may surprise many of us that there are people who do not wish to loose weight. We may wonder at this. Obviously, we are referring here to those who are overweight. Our assumption is that people who are overweight would have, as their primary goal, the intent to loose weight. But this is not always the case. Here, there are three reasons offered as to why some people who are overweight, or who may be considered plump or fat, may now want to loose weight after all.

First off is the psychological beliefs of the person who is supposed to loose weight. For many people, the battle is in the subconscious and it may be that on the outset, they wish to loose weight but deep down, they have even more reasons to hold on to it. Some people may not be ready to loose weight as to them, this will entail a measure of discipline order to help them maintain their new weight. They would rather go on with their current lifestyle rather than loose weight and have to adapt to a totally different lifestyle. Of course, this is just one belief but it is understandably a powerful one in keeping the weight on.

Second, there are people who do not wish to loose weight simply because they may be using it as a sort of protection. Yes, it is psychological as well. They have gotten so used to how they are treated or looked upon by others that they are probably hesitant about becoming a new personality all together. In order to loose weight, they would also have to accept that becoming slimmer, for all its benefits, may also bring with it some surprising side-effects. They may be faced with the prospect of romance once more or they may actually feel hesitant as they realize that there is a lot more that they can do now.

Third, there are the people who are already happy with the way they are. To these people, subscribing to the notion that all people who are not slim should loose weight is an insult to their self-image. They are already perfectly happy and content with how they are without having to loose weight. This may be the exception to the rule and yet, they may be reasonably plump as well, not like those who are truly obese and must loose weight.

There are many more reasons why some people who are over weight may not want to loose weight and these are just some of them. People belonging to the third category are really an exception as the first two will contain many people who will say that they want to loose weight but who, by their actions, are really saying that they want to keep it on. Whatever the case, these also have to be examined apart from the food or exercise to determine whether a person who says they want to loose weight may or may not be sabotaging his or her own efforts or whether they truly want to change or not.

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