Do You Know Which Knee High Boots Are Perfect For You?

It’s cold and wet so you reach into the back of your closet and drag out a pair of knee high boots. The question is why are they at the back of your closet? Boots are not just items to be worn when the weather is bad. Knee high boots have stayed fashionable throughout the last 4 decades so you have no reason not to own as many pairs as you like.

Finding the righ pair of boots for your leg shape is a big part of the process, just buying the same pair that your friend has could be the mistake that puts you off knee high boots forever and that is not something we want to happen.

Knee High Boots for larger legs When you are looking for your boots, look at the ones with chunkier heels. This helps them look more propritionate to your leg. Another tip is to buy boots that allow you to insert your foot first and then pull on the material while gradually bringing them up over your calves.

Knee High Boots Are Right for Thinner Legs If your legs are skinny, you would want to put on a slouch boots with a more slender heel. The trick is to use boots that add a little bulk to your feet. Women with skinny ankles might want to wear a boot that has some structure or bulk to it like the western styles and the slouch boots. Also try the more slender heel because as heavy heels have the tendency to make your legs appear even thinner.

The Right Way To Wear Knee High Boots The right way to wear your boots partly depends on what you are wearing them with and where you are going. You won’t want to wear a bright red pvc pair of boots with a mini skirt to a funeral, but they may be great if you are going clubbing. Just like shoes the right boots need to be matched to a suitable outfit.

Are Knee Boots Right For Me? Yes! During the depths of winter boots are a great way to keep your feet and legs warm while also looking supremely fashionable. When it isn’t winter then just wear them because they look great and make you feel good.

Knee high boots will work in just about any situation and since you can normally grab yourself a pair at a bargain price if you shop online there really is no excuse to not have a different pair for every social situation.

— Jodie Browne

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