Convert Documents to PDF By Email

Did you ever receive a presentation, drawing or document that you couldn’t open because the format isn’t supported on your iPhone/BlackBerry or because you don’t have the correct application installed on your computer? No problem – from now on you can simply forward those files in attachment to and within a minute or so receive the converted files in reply thanks to a great service from

3 simple step:

– You receive an e-mail with a presentation that you cannot open

– Forward the e-mail with attachment to

– You receive reply with the converted document attached

The e-mail service can convert from a range of document formats including Office 2007 and Open Document formats, and works right from your favorite e-mail program. It is free to use and requires no registration or download so go head and try it today.

To convert to PDF send to If you prefer TIFF format the address is

Supported document formats:

File Extension Application Name

.csv Comma Separated Values

.doc Microsoft Word Document

.docx Microsoft Word 2007 Document

.eml Outlook Express Electronic Mail

.msg Outlook Message File

.odp OpenDocument Presentation

.ods OpenDocument Spreadsheet

.odt OpenDocument Text Document

.pdf Adobe Portable Document Format

.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

.pub Microsoft Publisher

.txt Text Document

.rtf Rich Text Format

.vsd Visio Drawing

.wpd WordPerfect Document

.wps Microsoft Works Document

.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

.xlsx Microsoft Excel 2007 Spreadsheet

.xps XPS Document (XML Paper Specification)

Supported image formats

File Extension Application Name

.bmp Windows Bitmap

.gif CompuServe Graphics Interchange

.jpg JPEG Compliant Image

.png Portable Network Graphic

.tif Tagged Image File Format … a simple yet very powerful idea.

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