Colon Cleanses: Do They Aid Weight Loss?

By Daniel Major

Looking to lose weight? Chances are you have used the internet to research weight loss products. When thinking about specific weight loss products the diet pill usually springs to mind or at least isn’t too far away from the first product we think of.
Diet pills maybe able to help you lose weight but are by no means the only product capable of this. Another method of weight loss growing in popularity is the use of weight loss cleanses. These are colon cleanses designed to help you lose weight.

How does a colon cleanse help you lose weight?

As with all medicinal or health products the instructions that come with your colon cleanse must be followed completely. If you are requested not to consume any food for a period of a day or two prior to using the colon cleanse then you have no choice but to starve yourself for that period!
You will generally find that the colon cleanses that request this are usually in liquid form, the pill variation of cleanses will often tell you to avoid certain foods, perhaps fruit and vegetables.
Non-compliance will probably result in an unsuccessful treatment.
It as been debated that the pre treatment fasting may actually account for a greater weight loss than the actual treatment itself although there isn’t any conclusive information to back this up. Whether this is the case or not, there are still benefits in using colon cleanse treatments.

A colon cleanse is basically a detoxification of your system and body and works by flushing your digestion system. It has been stated that the average person can have between 4 to 8 pounds of stored waste in their body and a colon cleanse could remove the majority if not all of this and by doing so you will not only lose weight but your general well-being will be improved drastically.
Rapid colon cleanses are available that are often used by people who have an occasion or event to attend for which a loss of a few pounds would be beneficial. These rapid colon cleanses are said to work in three to seven days.
You may want to consider why you are even looking at using a colon cleanse for weight loss. As already stated a colon cleanse removes the stored waste from your digestive system which can be beneficial as removing the toxins and waste that could have been there for a long time can only improve your health and body’s chemical balance, but it is really a false weight loss as it does little to remove your body fat.
For losing body fat the most effective proven method is a calorie shifting weight loss program. A calorie shifting weight loss program will both cleanse your system and help you lose weight, and quickly too.
With some programs you can lose as much as 9 pounds in as little as 11 days and on a regular basis too!
Since using a colon cleanse will help with losing a few pounds and also provides a thorough detoxification it will always be used frequently , but when combined with a calorie shifting program and the right type of exercise it won’t be long before you have a figure your friends will be envious of!

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