Choosing the Ideal Jeans for A Woman's Body

There are few things that please a woman more than finding the perfect pair of jeans. This pair of jeans will compliment the woman’s body and fit comfortably. While the perfect pair of jeans is nice, finding them is not all that easy. There are so many different styles of women’s jeans available these days that figuring out which style of jeans that will fit you body style can be rather difficult. The secret to discovering the right pair of women’s jeans is having an understanding of how each of the styles fit the body. Knowing the basic terminology that’s used when buying jeans will help you find the perfect pair.

If there is a good match in the area between the inseam and the waist, you will have a pair of jeans that’s perfect. You want jeans that have no extra bulk in the area. If this area fits snugly, the stomach area will look slimmer. Remember that most jeans will shrink after being washed and dried, and those women’s jeans made from 100% cotton fabric will shrink the most. You will likely be able to find jeans that have added spandex that will provide a more comfortable and tighter fit.

Part of buying jeans is learning that jeans are found according to their waist style and leg style. The most popular include low rise, tight waist, flare, bootleg, skinny leg, slim, long, and short. These types are then sold in a variety of colors including dark washes and stone washes. Each style compliments or negatively affects the body differently.

Lean and slim women that are well toned look great in both tight waist and low rise jeans. They can also wear flare legs with ease. The styles of women’s jeans are great at showing off a body that is worthy of showing. The bootleg and flare leg styles are great for showing the curves of a woman that has a sexy silhouette.

If you are an athletic type of woman, you may find that women’s jeans styles with a low rise or contoured waist are a good match. Choose skinny legs if you need to appear to have wider hips. Select flare legs to add a curvy appeal to your body. Full figured women who want to appear trimmer should select jeans with an added touch of spandex or stretch denim.

Wearing bootcut jeans with a darker wash will make the figure look slimmer. Women with a prominent backside should stay away from jeans that have a lot of pockets or embellishments on the back. These will do nothing more than draw attention to this area.

Those women that have shorter legs will find that their legs will look longer in jeans of darker colors. Jeans that are worn hemmed will look much better than those that are rolled up at the hem. Instead of rolling the jeans up, shop for styles that come in a shorter length option. Women with longer legs will need to shop for the styles that offer tall options.

When you are shopping for jeans, stay far away from jeans with an elastic waist. Jeans in a light wash and those that are pleated are also a bad idea. Don’t buy jeans that are so tight that they cause the skin to bunch. Another style that is unadvisable are those that have lots of flashy embellishments.

— Estella Constintus

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