Burlesque Halloween Costumes

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? October 31 is fast-approaching and I still don’t know. The problem is that I have already been most characters already. I’ve done the cheerleader, the devil’s temptress, the angel, the princess, the naughty schoolgirl, the nurse, the police officer. From the princess bride to catholic school girl, I’ve done it. And I sure don’t want to recycle another costume this year like I have the past two years. This year I want something fresh, something new. Something that will turn heads.

So, having exhausted the normal, cookie-cutter routes, I began looking into burlesque Halloween costumes. A friend introduced me to the alluring world of burlesque this past year. The raw sexiness lured me in almost immediately. As I sat there with hands folded tight in my lap, the lights went down over the small intimate stage. A slow sexy groove rises from the speakers. Shadows themselves begin to dance. I dim red light comes to life above the darkened stage. This is the world of burlesque.

As I sat there holding my breath, my shy friend with a similar body type to mine (overweight with a peculiar resemblance to a pear) stepped up on the stage dressed in a sexy 1950’s striptease outfit. As she started to dance, I began to imagine myself up there letting go. It was so strange, almost as if I had transported myself into another world, another time. Mesmerized by the moment, I sat there and watched my shy friend transform herself into a sexy, confident woman proud to celebrate her body. I was so entranced by this onstage liberation that I, the shyest girl in the world, am considering joining her burlesque troupe this winter.

But I couldn’t wait! So I went online and bought two burlesque Halloween costumes online. I can’t wait to try them on and start practicing sultry dance moves in front of the mirror. I just hope I don’t have to drink too much to get into character! All my friends won’t know what hit them when they see their shy, bookwormish friend become the life of the party.

Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese would be proud of me. So if you are having trouble choosing a costume this year, looking into burlesque Halloween costumes. You will not be disappointed. They have costumes for every personality type and every body type. Liberation awaits! Explore the sultry world of burlesque this Halloween!

By Emily Farris

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