Bring Your Own Bag!


Using sustainable, re-usable tote bags is a simple idea. However, up until the year 2005 there were very few choices for those who cared to make the change from paper or plastic bags to cloth bags. Dismayed by the lack of stylish options, Elizabeth Clark and Jenny Hughes formed Bring Your Own Bag. BYOB is a Vancouver-based business that cares and believes that living an eco-friendly life is essential. Being eminently stylish and well-crafted is much of the reason for BYOB’s unprecedented success.

BYOB would like you to make the environmentally friendly decision to choose cloth reusable bags in place of plastic or paper bags. Our ultimate vision is to see everyone using a reusable cloth bag that is produced in their own communities under socially responsible and ethical working conditions. When you use a reusable bag you will inspire others to BYOB!
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Mission Statement
To remain the leader in the re-usable tote bag market by offering you the best alternative to plastic and paper bags. BYOB bags are fashionable, durable, and Canadian made.

Canadians use on average 55 million plastic bags per week. 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used per year world wide.

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