Birds on the Wires

It all started with a picture of birds perched on the wires of a street light, a normal scene, depending on the look. For Jarbas Agnelli, 46, the image “sounded” like music. Notes a score were what seemed to him the birds on power lines. Advertising and musician, Agnelli cut out the photo published in the newspaper and that night in his home studio, he began to write notes based on who saw the picture.

“Birds stacked chords and turned the lonely, notes on the keyboard,” said Agnelli. “Then I put the xylophone and as a result, clarinet, bassoon and oboe.” John, age 17, the middle son of Agnelli did not put any faith in the movement of his father, despite being accustomed to see him build upon the home movies and photos.  Jarbas is known journalist and award-winning campaigns. I already took the Grand Clio, a leading global advertising awards in 2001, delivered in Miami. At the time, he was still working in W / Brazil, the agency that was for 13 years. Today has its own business, AD Studio. “Inspiration can come from anywhere, but we must be alert,” he says.

Once the music of the birds was ready, Agnelli called Paulo Pinto. “I did not believe that he had understood what I saw at the time I took the photograph. For me, the birds also seemed to note,” wondered if Paul, who sent the e-mail the original, uncut. “When I saw the edited version in the newspaper had removed eight birds, or four notes at the beginning and four at the end of music,” says the publicist. “I was surprised because it was exactly what was needed to finish the tune.”

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

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