Avoid These Fashion Shopping Mistakes

Fashion is ever changing and sometimes it becomes real difficult to keep up with it. If you find yourself stock with clothes that you don’t even get to wear, then you probably need a little help; so much more if you still continue shopping for clothes that you will never wear and thus continuing this one vicious cycle.

Fashion Shopping No-nos

It is so easy to get tempted into buying something just because you saw your favorite celebrity wearing it or because you see a lot of it in magazines. However, the biggest mistake that you can ever commit when shopping is talking yourself into buying something that is not flattering to your frame.

Not because they look good on someone else, it would automatically look good on you. Take the time to try the outfit out and see if it flatters you. It doesn’t matter how trendy it is or not, if it doesn’t compliment you then better forget it. You are shopping for yourself and not for anybody else.

Although it is fun to shop with friends, always remember that you are shopping for yourself. Your friends might have the idea that what looks good on them would also look good on you so keep grounded and know your body type and your skin color. Also competitive friends might cajole you into buying more than what you need and possibly fashion disaster items.

If you are shopping for an event like a cocktail dress, always remember the shoes that you are going to wear along with it. Better yet, bring in your shoes so you could always see the total look when you try the outfit, it’s easier to set alterations that way too.

Bring a list when you go shopping as it helps you keep your attention on the task at hand. It also prevents you from buying things that you don’t actually need. This also keeps you away from impulse buying. Always ask yourself if you need the item, if it suits your lifestyle and the pieces in your wardrobe and if you could wear it on other occasions. Don’t rush, go and try out other pieces. If you are still thinking about it after sometime, then buy it.

The same goes for buying something just because it’s on sale. No matter the price, if the piece is not suited for you, you would just end up not wearing it. Come to think of it, spending on something that doesn’t look good on you just because it cost less is preposterous, right?

Also make sure that you buy items that fit your lifestyle. Investing in classy, dressy outfits might not be suitable if you are mostly in an environment that calls for casual clothing. A piece or two is enough for special occasions but always make sure that you invest on items that you really need and use a lot.

Finally, spend in wardrobe staples like shoes, bags, a good cashmere sweater, a pair of pants and other accessories like tops, hats and sunglasses. These could always give your look the boost that it needs.

— Benedict Smythe

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