Alicia Keys and the The Barber's Daughters

“Real time exists outside the box and lives in the heart of the matter”. This quote is beautifully integrated on a watch created by The Barber’s Daughters label. Yes, it sounds as something new. Surprisingly, is the jewelry line that the singer Alicia Keys has founded with the accessories designer Gisèle Theriault that came backstage at one of her concerts. Just as simple as that. As materials they used sterling silver & gemstone necklaces and bracelets inscribed with poetry and prayers of Masaru Emotu. He is a Japanese author that believes that human thoughts could be linked to water: a thought is directed toward a droplet and than will become beautiful or ugly when frozen. Interested in this spiritual path? More here. Or maybe interested to see the jewelry collection? Take a look here or go Collette Blanchard Gallery at 26 Clinton Street in Lower Manhattan. Starting from today (Monday) the shop will host the collection for two days, enough to reach the buzz.

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