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URBALICIOUS – The Urban Flavour.
Live green and healthily with focus on best kept secrets and great deals.

Vancouver, British Columbia, May 2009 – URBALICIOUS.COM is your personal connection to know what’s happening in your city quickly and easily. With WIT (Web Integrated Technology) Urbalicious will guide you to city’s hidden gems whether it’s shopping, great food or hot events, with a focus on environmentally friendly living.

Due to how we live and the impact our choices have made on the environment our world is changing. A conscientious change is needed to ensure the generations of today and tomorrow are able to continue to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful world. Urbalicious is a reference place to discover how to live greener easily.

About Urbalicious.com – Urbalicious introduces a new concept in web development, inspired by a group of experienced technology wizards, marketing experts and long time entrepreneurs. Taking advantage of the most advanced web technologies to keep you constantly informed wherever you are.

Vancouver, BC

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