5 Ways to Reduce Your Home Energy Consumption

No one wants to throw money away so when you receive high electric bills every month you have the right to be upset. Sometimes to lower those bills it is as simple as looking at your electronic equipment and appliances and then examining how you light up your home. Your appliances may be consuming energy even when you are not using them and changing from conventional light to fluorescent light bulbs could save you a pocket full of change.

Here are five ways to reduce your home energy consumption

1. Control your thermostat. When you want your room cooler avoid turning you the thermostat to super low. The change of room temperature does not move any faster if you put it down 10 degrees or if you put it down two degrees. You do, however, spend more energy when it is lower ten degrees because the cooling and heating system will work longer. The end result is to set the thermostat at the temperature you want. You may also save more money by raising the thermostat when you leave the house for the day and reset it when you are home for the evening.

2. Lots of little electrical appliances can add up to a significant cost. Recharging your iPod, cell phone, camera, mp3 player, lap top, toothbrush or razor, and whatever else you may have plugged all day can cost. This also applies to your night-lights, digital clocks, coffee makers and other kitchen gadgets that may be plugged in throughout the day. Leaving on your computer monitor also adds to your electric bill. These appliances and plug ins my contribute five percent to your electric bill. Un plug them.

3. Did you know that you do not need warm water to get your clothes clean? Many of us were brought up to believe that hot water kills germs on your clothes but the truth is you can kill germs with cold water. You can save as much as ninety percent on the electric consumption of your washing machine by not using hot water.

4. Weather proof your home. Seal the leaks coming from doors, sills, windows, and any cracks in the walls. Making sure that these leaks are given proper attention will save you much in the long run. And while you are doing the sealing, make sure all your doors close properly. Such as garage doors, exterior doors, sliding door windows, and any doors to the basement or attic. Consider using weather strippers for doors and covering windows with plastic coating so that the heat stays in home. Air leaks just make your furnace and cooling systems work harder and that costs money.

5. Use smaller pots and pans. If you are dinning alone use a small pot to warm up your dinner or put the food on a plate and use the microwave. Small pots require less heat and the microware uses even less. A small burner instead of large burner is ideal in preparing meals because it consumes less electricity. If you have the air conditioning on a smaller pot disperses less heat and the cooling system will not work as hard.

Being green is a way of life, not just a mental state. There are so many different ways to go green that you will be surprised at the lack of effort you really need.

— Ruthan Brodsky

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