4 Amazingly Fun Twilight Party Games

This fall, many fans of the Twilight series will be looking forward to second novel adaptation that will be coming to the big screen, New Moon. The movie continues where Twilight left off. Bella Swan turns’ and celebrates her birthday with her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen. However, a dangerous incident at the Cullens’ home convinces Edward that his world is too dangerous and he abruptly breaks up with Bella. Bella is devastated, but tries to move on with her friend Jacob. In the end Jacob turns out to be more than human himself. Many fans are planning to celebrate the premiere by having Twilight parties. Other than the upcoming movie it can be a party that a fan throws for a birthday or a costume party theme. One thing that can liven up any party is party games. Here are some great Twilight themed party games that you can play at your event.

Vampires and Werewolves are creatures with a superhuman awareness of their surroundings. You can play a game of New Moon Red Light Green Light. The game is simple to play. You have one person that is the caller. This is the person shouts out red light and green light. The rest of the players are at the other end of the room trying to reach the caller. When the caller says green light they can move. If the caller says red light the other players have to freeze in place. The true twist is that the caller is blindfolded. This means that they have to rely only on their hearing. The first player to touch the caller wins.

Another great game is Twilight Jeopardy. Test the knowledge of the fans at your party by having them answer Twilight trivia questions. Have each guest either play on their own or in groups. Then depending on how the final points tally is give a certain gift to each contestant. It will prove to be a great way for fans to show off their Twilight knowledge and enjoy the excitement of competition.

Vampires are extremely fast. Since we mere mortals can’t match their speed, a game that can at least present the imitation of it is flashlight tag. Find a safe place to play outside and give everyone flashlights. Pick someone to be it and let the fun begin. The movement of people running with their flashlights will make them look like they are moving at superhuman speed.

Bella is known in the series for having a mind that is impervious to telepathy. So a great game to play is mental shield. In the game, split your guests into two teams. One group will be interrogators and the other group will be defenders. As the host you will come up with a question. It should be along the lines of something like “Did you do this?” or “Is it true that…” Give the defenders the answer to the question. The interrogators can then pick any member of the defenders to question. The defender has to keep the interrogators from getting the answer. That means no facial expressions or other hints. If the defenders can hold out for 10 minutes they win. Otherwise the interrogators will have the victory. This way you can imitate Bella’s mental shield.

— Aaron Hu

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