10 Things You Need For Fall 2009 to Winter 2009

With each new season, you need a new look that stays with the trends. There is no need to get rid of all your existing clothes and buy a brand new wardrobe. These 10 things are all you need to take you through this season. Just mix and match the old and the new for a brand new look.

1. A New Tweed Skirt Suit

That was the big look for Chanel’s Fall 2009 through Winter 2009 Ready To Wear collection. It is also the most practical thing a woman could own. That skirt suirt would take you to the board room and would boost your image at work.

2. A Pair of Tweed Pants that matches your tweed skirt suit.

The tweed jacket, and skirt from the skirt suit and these matching tweed pants would smarten up your professional image tremendously. Classy yet not stuffy. Professional but not boring. The jacket could be worn with either the skirt or pants. You can always wear your existing blouses inside the jacket and still look like you are dressed from head to toe in new clothes. Or you could leave off the jacket and just wear the pants or skirt with one of your new blouses.

3. A blouse with a big bow at the collar

The ribbon blouse or big bow blouse, whatever you call it gives you a sweet, yet sassy look. You can wear that with your existing skirt or with your new tweed skirt or pants to work. Wear it with jeans for the weekend. With it with a flared skirt for thanksgiving or for family gatherings.

4. A lace blouse.

White lace blouses are a Chanel favourite this season while black lace blouses, dresses and skirts are big at Prada.

5. Wide legged trousers in a fabric that drapes your figure

Androgyny rules at Armani with a models looking sharp in gorgeous trousers. A pair of gray, beige or black trousers that drapes well over your figure would look great for work or play, depending on what you match it with. Throw a smart jacket over it for work. Wear it with a sexy top for the night.

6. A black lace dress

Every girl should have her little black dress. This season, make it a little black lace dress that is oh so Prada. That is your go anywhere dress. From the dinner date, to a party or for any occasion when you want to dress up.

7. A trenchcoat

At Hermes, the trenchcoat, worn above the knee was often worn with a short skirt or tights or a pair of wide legged trousers that drapes softly over the figure. If you don’t already have a trenchcoat, invest in one as this trend is here to stay.

8. Knee high boots

These not only look cool, they keep your feet and your legs warm.

9. A floaty print top

Anna Sui’s Winter 2009 ready to wear collection featured beautiful printed tops. Some were inspired by native american designs while others looked more like the clothes from the Victorian era. Either way, prints abound and the fabric is soft and floaty. Might be too cold to wear on its own outdoors, but inside a heated building or where winters aren’t too cold, a top like that can go a long way.

10. A winter t-shirt

Hey, don’t forget about comfort. Nothing beats a comfy t-shirt beneath those jackets and coats. Just make sure yours is in a winter fabric. It goes well with jeans. There’s no need to buy new jeans if your existing jeans fit you well. Just pair old jeans with your new tops.

— Janice Tham

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